Get the most unique experience of a lifetime when you visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Visit this unusual bar located out in the middle of the ocean on a Sandbar and fits right in with the Island’s tropical scenery. Located only a mile from the beautiful Treasure Beach, a boat ride of 15-20 minutes will take you there.

At Floyd’s Pelican Bar you will get the opportunity to watch the sea, the birds or just hang out drink a beer or order a Seafood meal of your choice. No bathrooms or changing rooms out in the water, also please do not bring valuables in the water with you. Come on down enjoy this very unique spot out there in our beautiful waters.

It’s summer time again and the Jamaican Beaches are calling you,  its that time of year again when everyone is planning their vacation, please ensure you head in the right direction and guess where that is? JAMAICA! JAMAICA! the land of wood and water, the land of spectacular sunshine, great food, and most importantly, the best beaches. So come on down and have the time of your life.

See it, feel it, soak it all in and get the most beautiful skin. This summer vacation will be one to remember, let us help you to create those beautiful memories, so come to Jamaica and feel alright. JAMAICAN EXCURSIONS (don”t just visit, live it

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